Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Day in Marathon FL

On 7 Mile Bridge

Notice--beginning to get a TAN

Iguana's are everywhere

One long bridge!!

Something beautiful--Huh?
Old and New Bridges side by side
Well it seems that even though we sometimes party like we were still does take a little longer to recover!!  So after sleeping in a little and taking the time to write yesterday's post...did anyone read it?? We had a quite day.  I spent some more time by the water to work on that tan...Dusty is still very red, so no sun for him.  It was so quiet and peaceful down there, no one around and the beautiful blue water and warm gentle breeze....Ahh...I just hate to leave this park.  We are headed up to the Everglades for the weekend.  In late afternoon we took a short bike ride.  I had some places close to us that I wanted to check out.  We first headed back to 7 mile Bridge, just to walk on the old railroad bridge.  Before we could reach it Old Eagle Eye (Dusty's Indian name) spotted a woman's purse along the guardrail.  We checked her wallet and found all money gone and if she had credit cards they were too.  I found a list of phone numbers and tried calling the ones I could read that said mama and papa.  Both were disconnected but I did find a personal banker business card so called that and explained the situation.  They said they would try to reach her and get back to us.  We had waited about half an hour and figured if she had realized it was gone she should have came back by now.  So Dusty said we should just take it to the Highway patrol since they had an office there.  They were closed but on the way back to the bridge I saw the Sheriff Sub-Station office and we stopped there..  They were closed, but the car licensing office in the same building was open so I went in there and explained the situation.  The ladies bank called just then and said her number had been discontinued so the ladies in the office said they would put it in their vault and give it to the Sheriff's office.  We ended up having a long nice conversation with them..and finally got back to the bridge.  It was beautiful to walk over all that water and watch the fishing boats under the bridge.  Dusty saw some very good size Iguana's and I saw a very very large Leatherneck was huge ..but went back under the water before we could get a picture.  They have a Turtle Hospital here in Marathon to take care of those large turtles when they are injured in the nets of fishing boats or by the propeller's.  They have a 250 lb one that they just had to amputate the fin because of damage from a net.  There are so many things to do around here and everywhere in the Keys and we just had no idea or would have spent more time, but we will come back...yes we will.  On the walk back to the parking lot I said I am surprise we haven't seen Dolphin at all.  We were just approaching the bike when I guy started saying "LOOK..Look" what is that?"  It was two Dolphin's, how nice of them to come say good-bye to us.  I had really hoped to see a Manatee somewhere.  After getting a few groceries and finally picking up the last of Dusty's rejection meds....we headed back to campground just in time to get to the beach to see one of the most perfect sunset's we have ever seen.  I know I have bored you with this, but they are amazing and it was the perfect ending to our stay here.

It's been a wonderful stay

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Did u find out how fast an Iguana can run?..Rich..