Friday, April 22, 2011

Just another day in Paradise!

Yesterday Dusty and I were both pretty tired.  We went two miles down the road to McLarty Treasure Museum  Now let me tell you it was more interesting then I thought it would be.  Basically in 1715 11 Spanish Ships were headed back to Spain after 10 years of stocking up on gold, silver, jewels spices, porcelain etc all for the Queen of Spain's dowry. You see she had said she wouldn't sleep with the King after they were married until he got a large dowry and even demanded certain jewelry...I mean stuff we women today wouldn't even think of (she was pretty smart for 1715) anyway due to the Spanish Successionn war, Spain hadn't been able to get these things from the new world.  So finally they were on their way when a hurricane off the coast of Florida sank 9 of the ships and killed about 700 people, but 1500 survivors made it to the shore, where Sebastian Inlet is today.  In fact the museum is built on the same ground that they made their camp.  Anyway the Spanish got between 30-80 per cent of the treasures ( no one knows for sure and think the Spanish lied about the 80 per cent so no one else would come get it).  Of course this was the downfall of Spain because now it was really broke with all the ships laden with jewels and gold and silver gone.  After 4 years the catastrophe was forgotten until the 1960's when a man found silver coins on the beach while looking for drift wood.  He researched the history of the area found out about the ship wreck, took a surfing board cut a whole in it to put his face through and went looking .  Only 20 ft down not far from shore he found the treasures.  It took a while for everything to come together but let's say he became a wealthy man along with Mel Fisher who was smart enough to make an contract with the state of Florida for all salvage rights to ship wrecks found off the coast.  I looked out there in the ocean and thought of how for 300 years people never knew what lied just beneath the surface and what still lies there today. They still are finding treasure and have yet to find the ship that had all the Queens Jewels on it.
When we got back Dusty decided to call it a down day and just rest and I took to the beach to sit and listen to waves crash on the shore and work on my tan.  There were only a few people and it was a perfect day.  Today while we were (Dusty was) finishing up getting the motor home ready to move to our next spot I watched a pod of dolphins frolicking in the water.  They would jump and roll and even throw fish out of the water and then jump out of the water to catch them, that was something I had never seen.  We didn't see any more Manatee's but am so happy we got to see two!

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