Monday, April 11, 2011

Marathon, FL

7 mile Bridge, Marathon, FL

Guess who at 7 mile bridge?
Not allot to write about today as it was "moving day".  The drive was short from Key largo to Marathon and beautiful.  Marathon is the town right before you go over 7 mile Bridge...yes 7 miles of a bridge.  We stopped by a place called Sunset Grill, just to get a picture of the bridge from land, didn't go in but was a very cute place and even has a swimming that is great thinking!!  Parents get to listen to music have a drink , eat or swim in the pool with the kids.  Allot of outside seating, kind of like a huge Tiki Bar.  We were on the bike and then we went to Sombero Beach which believe it or not has FREE PARKING!!!  Nice community beach, some white sand, but allot of seaweed washed up on shore so it really had that "fishy" smell.  After that we went to the Cracked Conch restaurant to have a piece of Key Lime pie as recommended by Rachel Ray.  Little local place so we sat at the bar had one beer and enjoyed our conversation with the bar tender and waitress.  Now I should have never ordered a piece of pie for myself, but since we had a late lunch and this was Dusty's 'dinner" wanted him to have a piece to himself.  After about 3 bites I knew I was in trouble and gave the rest to him and we had to get home quickly as I had a "Sugar High' from my gastric by-pass.  Oh I was sick, the pie was very very sweet.  I had made a frozen Key Lime pie for Joe and Connie McCart and had only a few bites and that was sweet enough, but since I had never had real "Key Lime Pie" thought I would at least try it.  It was like a very thick custard and I am sure it was very good for people who can eat really sweet food.
Sunset Grill

Sombero Beach

Dusty and Key Lime Pie
 So that ended our day and we missed the sunset.  I only have 4 more night to enjoy them now, as we will be going up the eastern coast of FL after we leave Homestead.  Will have to catch a sunrise then, though you could go on one side of the road here and watch a sunrise and then cross over to the other and watch a sunset as these Islands aren't very wide!!
7 Mile Bridge

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