Tuesday, October 4, 2011

50th Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Dusty and Dylan dinner with family on a beautiful evening.
Well the Anniversary weekend started with a beautiful evening and us having a small Italian dinner before all the festivities started.  Somehow our family thinks it should be food...food..food...drink..drink..drink...oh yeah most families think that!!  We had a wonderful evening and lots of laughs and we went from there to get Tina from the airport.  Tina hadn't been back to Washington since 1998 so this was a big weekend for her.
Having an Italian dinner..Char, Jen, Greg, Larry, Eric, Dylan and Dusty
Here we have the waitress take our picture and we talk about days gone by and when the kids and I lived across the railroad tracks and how I always was catching houses on fire because I had a terrible time lighting oil furnaces!!   If my kids were with someone and a fire truck went by and they were close to home they knew right where it was going.....of course there were many stories told that night of days in WA.....
Our handsome grandsons..Eric and Dylan....

Our niece Jen and her boyfriend Greg

OK..so we are a close family...Jen and our son Larry!!!
 Jen and Larry are the oldest grandchildren and we did a lot of things together when they were younger and they have remanded close..it was wonderful to have all of them together..it had been since 2001 that the five of them had all been together at one time...they are busy adults.

Dylan and his Great-Grandpa....every kid has a picture somewhere just like this!!

Dylan and Great- Grandma..he hadn't seen them in 4 years
My parents couldn't believe how much Dylan had grown in the past four years and I am happy we had the opportunity to take him to see them as they are both ill of health..though they look pretty good in these pictures.  My mom is 81 and my dad is 74.

Our daughter Tina..Dylan's mom...reunited after a summer apart

Work it Dyl!!!

We took this while waiting for everyone else to arrive

Cousins who hadn't seen each other in years!!
Everyone went to the park to have family pictures taken before the Anniversary party and it was plenty warm out...but we were happy for that..so we took casual pictures while waiting for the photographer and all the family to get there.  But my great-nephews could have cared less about the pictures and took their shirts and shoes off and took off for the playground...poor Christina had the job of trying to control them...she just gave up..don't blame her...they are all boys and playing was more important.
Our great-nephew (Jen's son) Conner..."Hey Aunt Char take my picture!"

Our great-nephew Gavin (Paul's son) doesn't seem to want family pictures taken!!!  Run Gavin run!!

Logan our other great-nephew(Jen's son) is having fun on the playground

Paul's wife Christina...she gave up trying to keep the boys "neat"!!
 Everyone finally got there and we then took family pictures....I was so happy and a big "Thank You" to my children and grandsons for coming and making this moment possible.....love you all.
Our family reunited after years....Larry, Eric, Sarah, Dylan, Tina , Char & Dusty...a wonderful moment!

Our wonderful family

Our children..Larry, Sarah & Tina

Casual moment while waiting for pictures
 My sister still lives in WA but also has a home in CA so she and my brother-in-law David put together the Anniversary party along with a great deal of help from Jennifer and they did a great job.  Thanks sis.
My sister's family..Christina, Paul, Gavin, David (my brother-in-law) Jan (sister) Jen, Logan & Conner

Our wonderful niece and nephew...Jen & Paul

My parents great grandson's..Eric, Dylan, Conner, Logan & Gavin
This was the first time all the great-grandsons had been together and I know this was the greatest gift my folks could have..their whole family together.
My parents grandchildren by age starting right to left..Larry, Jen, Sarah, Paul & Tina

Hey guys it's not raining...YEAH
 The big party was held at the Best Western in Puyallup, WA my hometown and we had a really nice turn out.  My folks look pretty good ..huh?
My parents Larry and Pauline...married 50 years

Having picture with grand kids taken

Dad, Mom and my great-aunt Violet who is 98...my grandmother's sister..they all lived a long time
My family on both my mom's dad and mother's side have lived well into their late 90's.  I am blessed to have such long living ancestors...my grandmas side even had family live pass 104 and he was blind and lived at home alone and still was gardening.  My great-great grandma use to take care of me and only died when she crawled under the house to fix a pipe....now that is one woman!!
Opening dad's gift and making a BIG announcement

May 13th, 2011 I was adopted...this is us kissing our "dad" and our new birth certificates...I am now
Charleen Mae Polich-Gilbert Garman
 This was a big announcement and it was a big surprise to our family and I am sure those of you that are reading this are surprised also...we say my dad had twins on May 13th!!  He is so happy about it and calls me the 13th of each month to wish me Happy Birthday...sometimes money can't buy the gift that will mean the most to someone and he has lung cancer and this was his wish..the man has been so wonderful to us and has been a true dad...I was blessed to have two dad's who cared about me.
Grand kids helping mom

Tina and my cousin Vicki


50th cake

Jan and I saying a few words and thanking everyone for coming
 Gee..does this surprise you...me saying something???  My sister did most of the talking but we had a script to read and of course stories to share...and there were others who shared stories..dad was very surprised when family came from Utah and it was so nice to see relatives we hadn't seen in years.
Dad with his sister Ellen and Mom

Mom, me and Aunt Vi
My Aunt Vi's dream is to live to be a 100....I had one Aunt who just died a year or so ago and still went dancing every week...she was 99 when she died...my grandpa was 95, grandma 93, great-grandpa 93 and great-grandma 93...maybe if I take care of myself I can make it to 100.....oh my.. could my family put up with me that long???????

Daughter and Mother

PS--I know this is being written Oct 4, 2011...for your information it has taken me 3 hours to do this blog...so will continue to update it when I have time.  We have been so busy since arriving in CA and there are so many stories to tell and not enough time....texting is the best way to contact us and we will try to answer you one way or another.  We just had dear new friends here for 4 days and had a wonderful time....hope all is well Sue & Judy and since this blog was dedicated to my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary I would like to say Happy 50 Years together to you both, for any couple to manage to stay together that long in this world is a miracle today....Congratulations to anyone who has made it 50 years with one person!!!  We could all learn from you!!