Thursday, August 18, 2011

St. Paul/Minneapolis-Segway and the road.....

Off on our Segway Trip/Minneapolis

Mall of America, MN

It's no fun being sick...but Oh well guess I will just play Xbox!

following the Mississippi River along Hwy 61 in MN.

Look to the right of the picture...that is a bicycle...saw a great deal of them but hard to get pic as we were travelling

Wisconsin Dells RV Park
Well we have been busy since I last updated the blog!!  We are travelling through Montana today and the scenery is changing to remind me of home.  Mountains...real mountains...not those things you call mountains in the mid-west (sorry mid-westerners) but the Rocky Mt's!!  I have always loved Montana and Dylan says he can see why they call it the "Big Sky" country...for you see sky for miles.  The weather has been perfect travelling weather and the only thing that has been bad on the trip is that Dylan continues to be ill.  Yesterday he finally felt better and boy was he that is another story and looks like we will miss the Lewis and Clark Caverns that we planned on stopping at.  He is asleep now after having a rough morning so will see how he feels when he awakes but won't wake him.  When we crossed into Minnesota we were told by Scott who worked at the Lebanon Hills RV park in Apple Vally, MN to follow the Mississippi River and take Hwy 61 and it was a wonderful suggestion.  The drive was beautiful and we went through Red Wing...home of the Red Wing shoes I could never afford when I was a kid.  I am sure you Baby Boomers remember Red Wing and I think they still make good work boots.  It was fun to see the old shoe factory and they have turned it into a  shopping mall like the old Sardine Factory's in Monterrey, CA.  The town looked like a wonderful place to explore and was sorry we didn't have time.  The park at Lebanon Hills was a wonderful place and shame on us for not getting pictures..we are slipping.  Dylan couldn't even make it out of the motor home when we got there so we didn't go to Mall of America that day as planned.  We already had Groupon for a Segway ride so on Monday we went to the Mall of America for a little while then went to the Segway place in Minneapolis.  It was different then out ride in St. Petersburg, FL in that you were given a map and off you went on your own.  We had two hours to explore downtown and where able to follow the bicycle paths.  We met some nice people and they led us to a a Lake and we began travelling around it but poor Dylan just couldn't hang.  We got him some water and headed back.  He felt so bad we couldn't finish our two hours but said he was glad for the experience and found it fun.  Let me tell you, it was a good thing we weren't on a tour and were on our own as he had that Segway up to 15 mph on the way back (the fastest it would go) and was back to the shop before we were with his helmet off and sitting on a golf cart.  I would never own a Segway as you have to keep pretty steady and my feet go to sleep, but it was a nice ride by the lake and some things can't be helped.  We took Dylan back to the motor-home and he said he was OK alone so we went to the Mall of America to just look around.
We left on Tuesday and Dylan felt a little better so we swung in Camping World to pick up a few things and Cabela's was right next door so of course (thanks to Derek Davidson) we had to go over!!  We spent a couple of hours there (amazing how Dylan felt better in a "Man's Store) and he HAD to have sweatshirt from there like Derek and Angel's......and so we didn't get off to our trip til 4 pm and ended up driving til about midnight (poor Dusty) and just slept in a Rest Area.  Dylan finally saw how we really live...Grandpa driving..Grandma reading and Dylan too and he and I laid on the bed and ate Hersey kisses!!  What a way to travel!!  Yesterday he found out the Xbox would work and was in heaven as he played going down the road and I finished my book.  We spent the night in a little town in Mt called Reed Point and next to Goddard's my mom is a Goddard so I wanted to go see if we were related but saved Dylan and Dusty the embarrassment.  Dylan felt better and was hungry but I didn't feel well so I just fixed breakfast for dinner and took some dizzy pills and went to bed.  When Dylan woke up today he was sick all over again!!  So here we are travelling down the road again with beautiful mountains and rivers and will be in Post Falls,ID tomorrow to see Dusty's dad and sister hopefully.
Heard Jerry Custer is now a fan of Angry Birds!!!  Guess you will have to go to the casino and win you some money so you can buy an IPad Jerry...Miss everyone at Indian Springs!!!

Funny I have a picture of our grandson Eric from 2006 that looks just like this picture...both boys about same age!!

How Dusty spends his days.....

Mississippi River, MN

Town of Red Wing, MN

For those of you who thought I would never find homes for everything!!

See everything in it's place!

See grandpa how cool this gaming system is...please grandpa.....

Woody is all made out of Lego' me on the other hand.....

Amusement park inside Mall of America

Unfortunately Dylan's stomach didn't allow him to ride any rides   :(

All Lego's...amazing

Segway Guy

Sorry guys...I got to sit down and we need to go back   :(

Lake Champlain downtown Minneapolis that we were riding Segway's around

Dylan on a mission to get back......

Dylan took these cool pic's

Sunset in North Dakota...tell we are heading west!!

No it is not snowing...raining BUGS!!!

North Dakota...FLAT

Yeah a hill with a COW...North Dakota along Hwy 94

Pretty flat here..ND


Getting rid of BUGS

Hey I finally felt good today and this is what you have me do????

Reed Point MT,  Sheep Drive Capital of the World..population 96

RV park, Reed Point, MT

Think I am related to these people???

Cool pic of melted candles in a bar in MN

A Man's world!!!

Please, please can I have this suit??? NOPE

Can you find Dylan?


This is a warm sweatshirt and what a way to travel

Wait a minute..this is a better way to travel and a cool sweatshirt..

Dylan and Grandpa in Reed Point, downtown....
think next summer they will be the same size!!
Out of place picture...LOL

Poor Perry (Dylan named motor-home)looks like he has the measles!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the road and memories....

Sears tower? Chicago (can anyone let me know for sure)


Didn't expect to be this much traffic on a Saturday...Yuck
Well here we are travelling down the highway to St.Paul/Minneapolis.  Poor Dylan has been sick for the last three days.  He had a bad fever the night before we left and hasn't been able to keep any food down since.  Hopefully he will sleep for a while since he is the one who wanted to see the Mall of America, of course so did we.  He really wants to feel better because we also have the Segway trip tomorrow already bought through Groupon.  We stayed last night in a Coast to Coast park in Wisconsin Dells called Christmas Tree Village.  It is the same place we stayed last summer when on our Yellowstone trip with the Lawheads.  It is a really nice park and I was looking forward to the huge hot tub, but just within 5 miles of the park we hit a bump and the scooter (a 450cc Bergman..big one)came off the hitch again.  NOT as bad as when the whole hitch broke on our way to Myrtle Beach last fall...that was horrible,  but enough for the whole evening to be spent by Dusty taking the whole thing off and figuring out how to keep things together til we get to CA.  Dylan spent the evening in the restroom and therefore I didn't want to leave the "men" alone so missed the hot tub time  :(  
 But since they weren't having fun didn't think I better either.  We were all very tired after such a hectic two weeks and feel asleep early.
I wanted to also share with you some memories from a night before we left.  Poor Scott Satison has been taking a lot of ribbing from all of us at the campground, so we wanted to give him a little gift.  Angel and Derek and I got together and put together a couple pressies for him and also for Lois.  We gave Scott his presents first...which made Lois very apprehensive about opening hers!!  Now since this is a family blog I cannot go into detail on Scott's present but if you are from Indian Springs you just might want to ask Scott what it was......and Lois's you have probably seen her wear by now.  Jacob was so excited when he found the Angry Birds T-Shirts and had to get one for him and Lois.  Lois became obsessed with the IPad that Tommy and Christie McCart have and playing Angry Birds on it that Jerry says she has totally forgot him...don't think so Jerry...but that maybe true after she gets her own IPad which maybe today I think since she won enough money at Firekeepers the other night to go buy one.  She was so excited on Friday night when we were at the Garrett American Legion for broasted chicken.  She is having Christie go with her to help her buy everything she will need...have fun Lois and don't forget Jerry...LOL

Hey Scott what do you think it is??????

Jerry wants a better look...really that small??????

Lois wonders what's in her box?

Come on Scott show us

Yep.. Gotcha!!!See I'm not even there and and I can still make you blush!!!

Lois opens her she feels better, was nervous after Scott opened his

Oh Yeah a shirt to wear while playing Angry Birds!!
Looks great on you Lois and matches your blue eyes..

Great picture of Aron...

Also last week an amazing thing happened!!!  For his whole life Eric our grandson has wanted a puppy.  Every year it was at the top of his list for the NO.1 thing he wanted for Christmas but his mom never wanted a pet.   but she goes to deliver a van to a couple in Ohio and what happens but the cutest most adorable puppy comes running out and today Brutus resides at their house.  He is so cute that if he would have had a brother or sister it would be travelling down the road with us today.  In fact when Eric brought him up for us to see before we left I didn't want to let him go and Christie wanted to buy him and that would have been 3 dogs for her and Tommy to fly back to CA!!!  Just look for yourself how sweet he is and you can see why we all wanted him...Traci had to text Eric to bring that dog home before grandma kept him!!!  But at least I will have visiting privileges!!
Another grandson....Brutus..adorable!
Traci & Brutus

Can't I keep him????NO says Traci.....