Saturday, August 13, 2011


And this little piggy went to Char and Dusty's for a Luau

Now this is some Hairy Buffalo!!!1

Hey said we were going to a Luau not that I was going to be the Luau!!!!

Fire and Friends...Perfect (0h and Chars toes to the left..Hi everyone we have missed you)

Cool picture of our fire

We will miss these beautiful fires

Just chillin and checking out the Hairy Buffalo on Friday night

Oh this is fun ....and I don't have to work...yeah!!!

How big Justin???

Pre-party group
We are off---just sitting in traffic in Chicago now at 12:35pm...after paying tons of toll road expenses and such a bumpy road to pay for!!!  What a week two weeks I should say it has been!!!  Getting ready for the Luau and then packing the motor home...where did all that stuff come from and yes Laura I found homes for everything that was on the counters in a hour'!!!  But before all the packing and cleaning we had a great turn out for the Luau and Thank You to everyone who came, everyone who dressed up without being asked and of course for all the wonderful food as usual.  And as usual a very big THANK YOU TO CAL & SANDY & DUSTY STEVENS and all their helpers.  Without you there would have been no pig and no Luau.  Even tho Cal & Dusty Stevens had wanted to cook it in the fire pit it wasn't meant to be but was wonderful stuffed and the chicken was fantastic too.  What left over BBQ and Pork we had was eaten at the Happy Hour at Angel and Derek's on Wednesday and made into noodles.  The Hairy Buffalo that Gary Serres suggested was a hit and the the Pre-luau party where we put the Hairy Buffalo together was as much if not more fun then the Luau....  One thing for sure when ever a few of us get together there is sure to be fun!!!  At the Luau Dave Wilson tried to count how many were there and was only 1/4 of the way through at 45 when he gave up.  Dusty and him figured through out the evening there was probably 100-125 people all together in and out.  I know not enough of you drank the Hairy Buffalo but then some of you (I won't mention any names Scott & Tommy) had maybe a little bit too much...."Get your own spot Tom!"  Either way there were many new campers who joined us and some said it was the most fun they had ever we were pleased that you were pleased.  I think by all the pictures you can see people had a great time!!
Now this is one big slip & slide

The kids love this and can't wait for their turn...Thanks Angie and Denny for doing it for them

Here I go

You got my picture Char

OK Jen says I'll show you kids how to do it and she ended up perfectly in the water on her float

Come on down says Denny the water is nice..

The biggest kid of them all.....Cal Stevens

Whoops Cal that's going to hurt......but what a picture!!!

Jacob just a slid en

Yeah this is fun says Margret

Good job..but here are some pointer's from Denny
Angie and Denny had their Slip and Slide for little kids and big kids on Saturday the day of the Luau.  Our son Larry was taking our grandsons Eric and Dylan kayaking and both of them were like "Man we are going to miss the slide this year".  They really enjoyed it last year and those you did get to go down enjoyed it this year...well maybe except Calvin who was a little sore but said he wasn't going to let Jenni out do him or Margret!!
Thomas has a blast

Margret hits the water..hey Denny weren't you suppose to catch her???

The stage is set

I will soon be filled with good food

Cal and his buddy...little buddy?????

Quick take our picture before everyone gets here and I get behind the camera

The Luau couple...Char & Dusty

I'm such a happy little monkey.....right Cal?

The Pig waiting to be roasted!!!

Let me just try this stuffing says Rob

Dusty and Derek

Yep chicken is ready

Party time

Let the Party begin

I wore this just for you Char says Jim Corbet

Will just wait the rain out here...its just a little cell..see mom..just a little one...yeah right Sarah

Tooo much Hairy Buffalo Honey???

Its raining but we are smart...we are in the food tent!!!

just chillin

Stevie waits to have family picture taken,,doesn't he look nice?

I'm ready to Party...Hairy Buffalo and grass skirt..Laura Wilson

Before the Party pretty

Devin, Amy, Rose and Trey

who cares if the step is wet these cupcakes are good....Such cuties

It might be raining but we are having fun

Dave & Laura

Great food and great friends

Can these guys do the hula????

Thank you Jim for wearing the shirt for me...Jim and Martha
Wilson is always the life of the party and he don't drink!!!
Gypsy Mom & Gypsy Son

Boy Christie better get here the meantime I will look after him for her (Tommy McCart & Char)

Derek, Jacob, Aron, Stevie and Angel...great looking Hawaiian outfits and family

Ahh  mom you gotta do that???

Gary and Joyce Collins

Connie, Lois & Elana

New campers Deb & Charles..glad you had fun

Now this is a scary group...Gary Jr. Gary, Elana, Patsy, Bud & George

love birds..Gary & Elana Serres

The Wilson's....great neighbors!!

The gang's all here!!

Who has the best hat????

Sexy couple Lois & Jerry Custer

Nope wrong way

Laura you should be doing the Hula!!

Honey don't catch the blindfold on fire..this isn't a fire dance!!! (Tim & Mindy)

Not bad Tim

Let's dance Dave got it Wilson
Even though it tried or did rain on us during the Luau it didn't dampen any one's spirit and everybody just chipped in and helped and moved what had to be moved and went on partyin!  Of course i think the Hairy Buffalo had allot to do with every one's happy mood!!  If you don't know what Hairy Buffalo is it is when everyone pours different alcohol and juices together in a cooler or clean garbage can and you had fruit (of course ours had been soaked in vodka and everclear for two days!!) mix well add ice and drink!!!!
Just a swinging....Norm Sweets

Calvin can you see??

Steph gets some help from CAL

Tammy, Amber & Jeff Clark

Mindy gives Char a taste of her own medicine...Swing that partner!!! /Dose doe....

Sure I am suppose to listen to you Calvin......

Norm says this is where the tail goes on this donkey!!!

Who won do you think???

Yep just a little cell...will wait it out right here

Norm & Cal

Hawaiian family Vacation...Luau at Indian Springs!!!

Whoops..out of order..that's OK...

Char, Lori, Sarah and Dusty

You can trust your mom Sarah just walk this way...He He

Sarah does the best job

The Donkey

What a cute couple...Angie & Denny Akey

Another cute couple..Partying Tommy & Cabana Boy Scott!!
Where is Christie when you need her????????
Howdy..I mean Aloha Neighbor says Scott

Two best buds..Gary and Bud

The little one's give it a at try at Pin the tail on the Donkey

Where are you Christie???I miss you......
Dusty Stevens says 'I'm going to cook a pig over this fire pit one way or another!!"

Brodie says "Finally the party is over and I can go back to dreaming of my girl Eve who lives in California with Dylan...ahh Eve bet you look good in a grass skirt!!....sweet dreams everyone"


Cal said...

Dusty, Char and Dylan hope all is feeling better and rest of trip keeps you safe and trouble free.
Thank you guys for hosting such a great party and the memories that are shared by so many. AS always I encourage everone that has access to your blog to do so cuz you do a wonderfull job at posting pictures and sharing of your family and all that are blessed to be a part of.
Take care and God bless
Cal & Sandy

Charleen and Dusty Garman said...

Cal--You are my biggest fan and I thank you for it!! So many good times couldn't happen without you and Sandy and your family!! Thank you and we love you!!
Char & Dusty

Tina said...

Aww poor Brodie, long distance relationships are hard. Eve sends her love and will share her tennis ball with you anytime!