Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Well today is Bunny Day and our youngest daughter's 31st birthday...Happy Birthday Tina...we love you much.  How I miss having little ones to hunt eggs with.  With my grandsons grown it is something I just don't do anymore  :(  But hope all of you who still get to do it have fun and that the sun is shining where ever you are.  We actually got rain this morning and I felt sorry for all those children doing egg hunts after the weather has been beautiful all month. The last 6 days have been the slowest days we have had and I can't believe how tired we both are!!  You never know how tired you are until you stop...that is why you shouldn't stop but keep going!!

Yesterday we went for a little walk and since we are camped right at the Port Lucie Locks we watched the pleasure boats go through the locks.  This was something I had never seen and found it very interesting.  This is the short cut from the Gulf side to the Atlantic side and save boaters 243 miles ( which could be a couple of days for them).  Once upon a time Dusty and I had this  dream  to live in the motor home 6 months and then live on a houseboat 6 months (this dream started when we were working in the Delta in CA...where we will be working next winter also) and watching the boats yesterday sure brought back that desire!!

this one would do nicely
  We then took a mile walk through the trees along the felt good to get to do that with all the pain I have had with this ankle..but when we got back it said to me"Hey, you think I'm healed or what...I will show you"...yep back to ice and keeping it up...maybe I have a stress fracture???  Anyway hope it heals soon.  So the rest of the day was spent quietly.  Well have fun with your families today...and Happy Easter to ours!!  Love you guys!

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happy easter to you also