Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh MY, Oh My....Read blog today if you ONLY have an Open Mind!!!!!!

Well.....what a day we had!!  Now the plan was to go to Key West early but due to having to take care of some family things didn't get there til around 2:30 pm.  We were lucky to find one free parking spot one block from Duval St.  Really people, parking is a problem down here.  Anyway thanks to some suggestions from our son and Connie McCart we had a list of places we wanted to go.  We happened to park not far from Kelly McGillis's bar ( the gal from the movie "Top Gun" which in part was shot down here).  It is the only micro-brewery down here so we were going to wet our appetite....they were out of micro beer and that place was dull anyway.  So on we went.  When where should we end up but by the corner of the "Bull" bar.  Now Larry (son) had said to go there and even tho it would be a climb we had to see the "Garden of Eden" on the roof......can you guess why they call it the "Garden of Eden"?  We peeked in and there were men sitting there completely naked and a topless bartender.  Well I guess I knew it but I didn't think that early in the day there would be anyone there....well she said come on in we don't bite!  Now not wanting to look like peeping tom's...what could we do but go on in!!!  Now I know what it is like to try and keep my eyes on someones face....and not look down!  There were only two seats left at the bar and I figured I would take the one next to the man who was completely naked ( they do make them sit on a towel..not covered up though) since Dusty had the bartender to look at and some video's playing...LOL   Now I had to laugh at myself as Dusty kept looking at the video and seemed a little nervous...even though he said he wasn't, he was just enjoying the show??!!  I struck up quit a conversation with the man (nice looking) and we had allot in common as he traveled to Wash state allot and loved Mt. Rainer and the Puget Sound.  That is where Dusty and I grew up.  I told him my son had recommended this place and he said I would tell my mom but she would NEVER come up...I said we were pretty open minded parents!  We couldn't take any pictures up there so sorry ladies, and guys.
After that we started down the road and stopped by "Sloppy Joe's", "Capt. Tony's" just to say we had been there.  Dusty was getting hungrey, he only gets one meal a day..poor baby.  So since we had loved the Cuban sandwich figured we were only 90 miles from Cuba so they would have to be good there.  We asked about a place and were directed to a Cuban Bar and Restaurant at Mallory Square.  It was a very cool place and had been an old building, we think the old Turtle head is a little foggy today.  We got all ready to order and they said no sandwiches after 3 pm....darn and the rest of the evening menu started at $17 and up and that wasn't what we wanted just then.  So we went to the Hog's Breath, which has nothing to do with the Clint Eastwood Hog's Breath Bar in Carmel, CA.  Their logo looks just the same and now we can say we have been to one on the west and east coast.  While waiting for Dusty's hamburger-no Cuban  :(
the people at the table next to us were waving and calling friends on the phone...there was a web-cam.  So knowing that Larry would be the one that could get online at 5pm we text him and he and Eric (our grandson) called us as they could see there we were waving like crazy just like the other people!!  It was pretty cool..there they were in Indiana and we were in lovely Key West...sorry.   Now it was too late to go to the Shipwreck Museum and too late to walk back uptown as we wanted to at least see one sunset from Mallory Square so we just hung out  there checking out shops.  Soon it was close to sunset time and by then I really needed to get off my feet.  We went back to the Cuban Bar, grabbed the last table outside and ordered a delicious Mojito, all made by hand and no mix....wonderful..expensive $10 a piece but wonderful and refreshing.  Once the sun starts to go down you have street performers all over and it is a carnival atmopshere.  The sun sank quickly and then we had to get back uptown to the Aqua Club by 8:30 for our reservations.

I think you can figure this one out

You can barely see Dusty

Finally Mallory Square

Great Mojito's

I never get tired of seeing these

Mallory Square

And the sun sets on another perfect day!!
Now from here on out I think like the saying goes...a picture is worth a thousand I will let you see for yourself how the evening went...and why my head is foggy today!!!
Aqua Club waiting for the show

Oh Yes, you are seeing this right!

And the show begins

Dusty begining to get the idea

His fun is begining!!

I've got the idea

Now he's smiling
Think he's had too much to drink......

The Girls

What a night & why my head is foggy!


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