Friday, April 1, 2011

The Sun is Shining

Yeah the sun is shining today!!  It was the record for rainfall in the Tampa/St. Petersburg Area.  In fact news reporters were saying they had never seen a storm like the one we had yesterday....believe me is was a doozie and even at 9:30 pm the lightning and thunder were still going on.  But having lived all over we had seen storms like this and been where there is tornado warnings....just not something we like to be in!!  So we are on the road headed to Sannibel Island in the Ft. Myers area.  The beach is known for its shells and after the storm maybe some big ones washed up.  The weather is to be in the 80's, so the plan is spend the time on the beach.  We will only be on the island two nights as that was all we could get at the time we booked, then of course after we had made other reservations and pre-paid ( a common practice I found out) they emailed they had 3 more nights open....oh well, such is life.

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D. said...

great blog, looks like fun.