Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Our view from the RV park beach

Clouds!!!  oh no!! (Now isn't this a perfect tent site and it really is a tent site here at our park)

Yeah it has dropped below the cloud. this is what I'm talking about!!

SEE we really are here!

The wind came up and gave me a "cute" hair do!

Sometimes the best things are in your own back yard!!

Perfect picture

Well, we took the day off and decided to spend it right here at the RV Park which is right on the Gulf side of the Keys.  They have a beautiful swim area and boat launch, deck and fishing pier.  Dusty had to do some work on our hitch for the car (remember we lost it on our way to Myrtle Beach...beach get the theme of our travels...beach..beach..beach) and I decided I couldn't be in Florida for a month and half not get a tan!!  I had been afraid to not wear sunblock because our daughter Sarah and her partner Lori had gotten burnt to a crisp when they were in FL last month and had stopped by to see us in Perry, GA and Sarah needed mommy's Royal Jelly...great stuff for sunburns.  Anyway I went two hours before I began to feel my face warm...Dusty on the other hand took his shirt off and braved that white tummy to the sun and may I say he is looking like a crab today!!
The water is so warm here and clear...we haven't snorkeled because of my sore foot..getting better..but hurts to bend it. But at 7 pm we went back to the beach to watch a sunset and would'nt you know the clouds rolled in!!  Man oh man was I unhappy..but they moved just enough to see the sun set and those of us who had brought our drinks down to the beach and quietly watched the sun set all applauded!!
FYI for those of you that I told I was so excited to watch the space shuttle go up I have just checked the NASA website and it has been moved to April 29th  :(  so sad...I was so excited as we already had the perfect spot on the beach to watch it....
Well got to go for to Key West with my "crab" to spend the day and take him to his first "Drag Show" at the Aqua Club!!!!!

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