Sunday, April 10, 2011


Fun fun Airboat Ride, Everglades

6 passenger Airboat

going through the Mangrove Canopies

On open water, ear headset for the noise

Boat trip through Everglades to the Gulf

Hello Mr. Turtle

Strange fish

Very Small Post Office

Click on this to blow up and see how close we were to the alligator

OK, I made you do this so will I, but take picture quick!
Our "friendly" alligator!?

Friendly dolphin

Love the water

 OH, how nice it is!  After years of hearing and dreaming about the Keys we have arrived.  I knew from all my reading that the Keys weren't sandy beaches but I was surprise to see the islands all green in the water.  This is because of the Mangrove Trees whose roots intertwine to make up the island and are Mother nature's way of protecting the land, but like the Rainforest we cut them down.  The weather has been perfect so far and to our surprise no bugs!!  Not even flies or bees, even in the picnic areas.  Another strange thing is no birds flying around on the beaches.  We noticed this on Sanibel Island also.  If you were on the west coast or even up north on the Outter Banks of North Carolina if you were eating something a million birds would find you, but not here.  Not sure why, haven't asked anyone.  As far as the mosquitoes I think because of the last two winters being cold in Florida we are lucky they haven't came out yet, we will have plenty in Indiana!!  After we sat up camp we went to go on a Glass Bottom boat ride (had a two for one coupon) and it was a wonderful 2 hour trip.  Ironically it was the Happy Hour cruise (who knew Happy Hour on a boat ride) and Corona was only $2.50.  So had a nice cold beer, sat up on the deck and enjoyed the water.....we love being on the water.  When we got to the Coral Reef, the 3rd largest in the world we went in and looked through the glass bottom.  We got to watch for a half hour, it was beautiful and we saw many fish, even a nurse shark, barracuda and a huge turtle.  It was amazing watching that turtle zip along so fast I couldn't even get a picture!!  It was a wonderful way to start our Island time vacation.  When we got back in we asked where the best place to see a sunset was and they sent us to the Sundowner.  In case I didn't say we are now in Key Largo.  My oh my, there were so many cars there they have a man who just helps you park.  They had live music and fun atmosphere and everyone else waiting for the sunset, I can't imagine what it will be like at Mallory Square in Key West.  We grabbed another beer to toast our first sunset in the Keys, had a little kiss and watched the sun set fast.  Doesn't take long.  They had all you could eat Mahi Mahi so Dusty decided we should eat dinner and we got a table outside, no bugs, no birds perfect temperature, sat by the water and while he ate his dinner I had just a little side salad and enjoyed the evening.  There were kids feeding the fish and most of them were Tarpon which can grow up to 8 feet, these were only close to 3 feet, but it was fun to watch.  A perfect evening.
On Saturday Dusty had to wake me up at 9:15 am, I was tired.  After getting around we decided to go check out the beach here at the State Park (check out Dusty's blog...One More Mile..for info).  My plan had been to go Snorkeling out at the Coral Reef.  Dusty use to scuba dive and I knew we would both love it and is why I had booked 2 nights here.  But my foot is not in any shape to put in flippers and kick like heck for 2 hours...I was again so bummed...but he said I know we will be back.  So he let me rest my foot some more by spending time with me on the beach.  We were able to put his chair in the shade and mine in the sun.  Now the beach was very different.  small, allot of seaweed in the swim area and when you looked out you didn't see open water, just little Keys of Mangrove Trees.  There was a wonderful breeze though and you could just sit there and relax without getting too hot.  About 5 pm we left and went a checked out a few shops and then home where I made Shrimp and Grits ( really into that Southern cooking).  Today we head to Marathon and from there we will travel to Key West...can't wait.

They hire them young in the Everglades
our young captain on Everglades boat trip

Whoops he forgot about the low tide

Osperey, look like Bald Eagles, huge birds

Osperey Nest with babies
The original African Queen from the movie with Kathern Hephburn and Humphrey Bograt

Oh to be rich

The way to keep my foot up!!!  Two beers to keep pain away!!!

I got to touch the African Queen, you can rent it for trips believe it or not

They still have pirates here!!

Our first sunset in teh Keys!

Isn't this heaven?





John Pennekemp Beach


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures....except for the aligator...can't believe he made you do that! F&R

Anonymous said...

If your still in Key West, catch a show at'll have a blast!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome adventure! I'm so happy you both are getting to enjoy life! You look great! Love the pictures - and stay away from the darn alligators!
Love Ya! Jeannie

Tina said...

It's beautiful there, but if you want to keep all your fingers and toes stay away from the Alligators mother!!