Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally saw a Manatee..not one but TWO!!!

Yeah...I finally got to see a Manatee...and not where I expected.  The one thing about the Florida waters, weather the Gulf, Florida Bay or Atlantic ocean, you never know what you are going to see.  Dusty and I have seen things we have no idea what they are.  Take last evening, we had arrived at Sebastian Inlet on the Atlantic Coast and were going for a walk.  We sat down on a bench and were just enjoying the water, warmth and evening when we saw a dolphin, OK common thing to see, then Dusty saw something blow water straight up like a whale does, but we could never see it again.  Then he saw something jump straight out of the water and I missed it.  Later on while looking for the dolphin again I saw the same thing..a large flat fish jump way out of the water and fall back.  It resembled a stingray or flounder to me and was a site to see.  But we kept seeing something every now and then on the far side of the inlet just break the surface like a stubby nose and I said do you think it is a Manatee??  We kept looking and could see turtle necks bobbing up and down out of the water so thought maybe that was it..a large turtle.....then all of sudden mid-way we saw something come up and roll...we stood up and walked closer to the edge and it swam close enough to us for us to see the large body under the water and we knew we were seeing our first Manatee..I was so excited.  We kept looking and of course we didn't have the camera and it was hard to get a picture with our phones.  We began to follow it along the coastline and then all of sudden there was another one breaking the water...oh my was I excited..just like a little kid (yes I know you all think I am like a little kid anyway......)they slowed down and since the water is so clear we could see their bodies with the scars from getting hit by propellers because they are so large and coast under the surface of the water.  We followed the Manatee's as far as we could and I said "I wonder why the old sailors thought they were mermaids?", just then like on cue one of the manatee's came way out of the water, rolled and it's large tail fin came out of the water and yes it looked just like all the pictures of the tail of a mermaid you have ever seen.  And since they are so large I am sure from a distance they looked human.  We came upon a couple fishing and they were waiting to throw their line in so they wouldn't hit the manatee and we started talking to them and they asked if we have ever petted one.  I said it was our first time seeing one, and they explained how you can get in the water with them and pet them and swim with them and how friendly they are.  I had just seen a Groupon for a snorkeling trip to swim with the manatee but it is on the gulf side of Florida, but think I would be alittle nervous swimming with them but am sure it would be an experience...will have to save that for another trip to Florida.  We are going on a day deep fishing trip next Thursday the 28th and we can't wait for that.  Well these next 5 days are chillin days so we can gear up for all we plan on doing next week and the week after that (we will be visiting Connie & Joe McCart, and Jim and Linda).  After that we start the trip to Indiana and you know how much rest we get there...NOT.
So I now can cross off seeing a crocodilla and manatee.  But on a serious note I would like to send our love and prayers to Bill Rayl and Sarah Howard.  Bill had back surgery yesterday and it will be a long road to recovery after he hit 3 deer in Virgina.  They have been in VA all winter helping take care of Bill's sister who has a large brain tumor.  We love you Bill....hang in there big guy!!

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