Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainy Monday

The Three Musketeers Back Together...Brina Lawhead, Jeff Clark and Dusty

A typical evening at our "Summer Estate..aka "Party Central" Charleen, Margaret McNutt, Lois and Jerry Custer

A look at our Patio..waiting for friends
We all love the fire..especially on cool nights...OK any night!!
Well you can tell we are back in Indiana...sunny one minute...rainy and storming the next..and we even had quarter size hail for a minute, long enough for Dusty to get bonged on the head by some.  We had been doing some puttering around the campground and he had planted a lot of hosta's thanks to Angel and Derick and we were sitting outside having a beer..when we saw the sky darken and I said we better go in before it starts lightning..I hate lightning..and before he could get things closed up..boom it hit!!  he tried to get a picture of the hail but it happened so fast it had stopped before he got the camera out.  We just both read til it was time to go to Jenni and Brian Lawhead's for Brian Philips birthday.  We had a nice time visiting with their family and friends here from the park..but poor Jenn the rain had made things very soggy!!  Since we all live in trailer's it is hard to have get together's inside..but we have done it!!  When it comes to getting together we find a way..just like the mailman..through rain, sleet, hail and snow...we find a way to get together!!
Jenni getting swing read and Brian
The summer season begins!!!  Jenni and Laura Wilson
Just a little something to keep you warm

Yep..we're having fun now!!
Ahh...Elana Serres and Betty Boop!

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