Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Well my time is coming to an end here in CA.  And if you ever had to deal with insurance adjuster's you know how it can be a full time job.  I start right after I take Tina to work and don't stop even after I pick her up.  But I have to leave here at 3 am in the morning and go on to my next project, so today is to finish up all the loose ends that I can.  But I did take a day off and treat Tina and I to a massage on Sunday for Mother's Day.  She has no time off from work available and even tho she wasn't hurt bad in the accident, thank goodness, she has been stiff and sore.  And my neck and back were very sore from being on the phone all day...forgot my blue tooth and believe me it would have come in handy.  I used a Groupon Coupon and got us a wonderful 90 min. massage that was preceded by time in a rain forest steam room, the we were served ice cold water as soon as we opened the door to come out and then we had our massages in the same room...oh it felt so good..I told my guy that if I wasn't already married I would ask him to marry me and he said he would have said yes...Aah....then Dylan said of course he said that he wanted a bigger tip, ruined that thought!!  Then we soaked in a Japanese deep tub...Hey Dusty remember those from Japan...room for one with your knees to you chest and it had a rain fall shower, not sure I was crazy about the water falling on my head but with the candles and hot tea to sip while in there made it very peaceful.  So a much needed day and Tina said it made her feel rich and she loved it and was so thankful.  Then yesterday back to the phone calls and that is what I must do know.  Dusty should be at Indian Springs Campground in Indiana today...whoops wonder where our gate passes are????  Hope you got in Honey.  I will be going to WA state to see my folks for a few days while I am so close, they are both doing poorly and I haven't see them in a year. Hope everyone is doing well and sorry I haven't kept this up daily but not allot to write about.

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