Monday, May 23, 2011

I am back!!!

I would like to thank those who have missed the blog.  My time in Washington State was very busy but I had a good visit with my dad, mom, sister , brother-in-law, niece and her boys.  We had a lot of family details to take care of but we also found time to just sit and enjoy a glass of wine and get caught up.  I hadn't seen my sister in two years and I really enjoyed our time together.  My niece and I had lots of fun getting caught up and my great-nephews are a hoot.  Besides the wonderful meals I was treated too my sister took my niece and I to a Spa for the night.  We got into our robes (you know those big white fluffy ones) and had our massages, facials and just ordered room service and sat by the fire and enjoyed each other.  Thank you so much Jan, it was wonderful.  Even tho my mom and dad are not doing well when it comes to their health and this is one of the main reasons I went home, it was a good time.  I know there is family members that will be disappointed that I didn't call while there, but this was strictly a important family time.  My dad has lung cancer and a bad heart and my mom's diabetess has destroyed her liver.
I returned to Indiana where I caught up with Dusty here at Indian Springs campground.  He had spent time with our friends in Florida, then drove up here.  I never had to worry about him eating because our friends took real good care of him and thank you to those of you who took pity on him!!  LOL
It took me a couple days to get on eastern time but I am good now.  We went to Larry and Traci's house last Wednesday, poor Larry had another kidney stone and had surgery and it took more time to recover then it did from his first one.  If any family members are reading this and know of any other family members that has this problem could you please let me know.  Eric came up for a little visit between jobs and we cooked hot dogs on the fire.  Tomorrow we will go out with Sarah and Lori for a dinner to celebrate Sarah getting her Master's in Business and Lori graduating from her Surgical Technician school and yes also my 61st birthday.....oh how it hurts to see that number in print.
Then there is the reuniting of our friends here at the campground!!!  It is so nice to have this group of good friends and you never know what will happen.  We had a fire and drinks around our fire pit on Friday, then enjoyed wine and conversation on Saturday.  There is always things going on and some things can't be put in print...right Jenn.
So most of the blog will be on our activities here at the campground and sorry that for now it won't be as interesting as our trip to Florida..that in case you didn't pick it up..WE LOVED.  After working in CA this winter I believe the winter of 2012 will find us in Florida.  I hope to keep this interesting for you and thanks for reading!!

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