Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dusty & I go our Separate Ways!!!

Yes after 32 years we have gone our separate ways......he is in Florida and I am in California.  So if you are from the eastern part of the country please remember the 3 hour time difference...thanks in advance ( it is 3 hours earlier here).  You see this is how it happened.....Tina our youngest daughter has bad luck, when I say bad luck, I mean rotten a BIG black cloud follows her!!  A week and half ago her apartment was broken into and things were stolen or ruined....then on Sunday a Taxi driver here in Sacramento ran a stop sign and plowed into her and her car is un-drive able.  It was a good thing she wasn't hurt more then just being sore and achy, but she is a single mom and makes little money and all of this to happen in less then two weeks was way too much.  Mama to the rescue....that's what mom's do...right?  So I am here helping her try to get all these claims taken care of and to get to work.  See Dusty and I didn't "break-up"  but are taking a "break" from each other.  It was a sad way to end a beautiful trip to Florida and I was very sorry that we didn't get to spend time with Joe and Connie (see Joe..I do like you) and Jim and Linda, but so happy Tina wasn't hurt any worse.  Dusty went on to their winter home and said it is very nice and I know he will be well taken care of.  But we really really loved Florida and all the sun and water...our kind of place...but not ready to settle down just yet..there is lots to see out there.  Dusty will travel on up to Indiana after making a few stops along the way.  Unfortunately the shuttle launch was put off til maybe May 8th, but at least I got close and that is better then never being there at all.  If you ever go to FL and don't go to Kennedy Space Center you are missing a real treat and I am glad Brian Lawhead had told us how much he enjoyed it and helped me put it in my memory bank!!
Now Dylan our youngest grandson was so excited that I have come and wishes I would stay here until June and we could travel back to Indiana together.  But as it is I will only be here til May 10th then I will move on to some other business that needs taken care of and then on to Indiana May16th, (I get in way later folks so see you May 17th!!.)
I have been on the phone most of day with claim adjuster's and lawyers (for Dusty's meds...yep..problems again).  The weather is great here so I continue to enjoy the sunshine...will miss it when I get to Indiana..maybe I will bring it with me there...sure hope so.

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vicki said...

oh so sorry to hear that about Tina. send her my love. I don't know what else I can do. Bobbi and the kids are living with me. Tell Tina to hang in there . she does have bad luck but seems to always make it through Love Vicki