Thursday, June 2, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Dusty stirring the kettle with Kettle Corn in it.  Calvin Stevens keeps a close eye on it

Kettle Corn is a big hit here at the campground

Amy, Angie, Char (me in pink) and Rose have the hard job, tasting the popcorn and bagging it.  We wouldn't want to give out "bad tasting" popcorn.  And Rose NO we don't want wintergreen popcorn!!!!

Now it is Johnny's turn at fire while Jim looks on and Dusty holds pan it will go in 

Jerry, Cathy and Margret have the easy jobs, eating and drinking!!

"Wilson" now at the fire...see how hot that gets!

We had to make two more batches after we thought we were done...people line up for "free" popcorn!


Local "camper" boys waiting for popcorn

Dusty stirring again
Thank you to those of you who have said they miss the blog.  I know it isn't fair to write everyday then just quit on you...sorry.  But it has been raining allot here at the campground and it is very hard to get Internet connection then.  Dusty had to go outside in the rain and hold the hot spot til I could get an important email out!!!  There were more storms then I would have liked last week and two times our son and daughter-in-law called us to make sure we didn't want to come to their house for safety.  But we have learnt that sometimes the storms will skirt us just enough.  But with all the tornado warnings last week I did keep the TV and weather radio on to double night I stayed up til 2 am, that is how bad the storms were and tornado warning kept popping up, oh and we do have friends that have a basement for us to use that live only 1 mile away so that helps and we did have to use it once last summer.
Rain rain go away!!

Can you see how hard it was raining?

No fun

Tried to get how hard the rain was coming down.

  This weekend it rained hard a couple of times and at one time Dusty and Derrick were cooking ribs and chicken and they pulled them off just in time before the hard rain started!!  Calvin and Sandy Stevens did kettle corn on their lot and it is always a big hit.  Us girls just have to bag the popcorn the poor boys have to stand over that hot hot out for popping hot oil!!  So our Memorial weekend was kind of on the slow side, with friends joining us for campfires, conversation and good food (OK some grown-up drinks too!!).  On Monday the sun came out and we have been enjoying a beautiful week.  The birds are singing as I write this, the "weekenders" have gone and the park is ours once again.  The evenings are just perfect for a walk, until the GIANT MOSQUITO'S begin to eat you!!!!  With all this rain and the park owner not spraying for mosquito's it is terrible here....we are buying bug spray by the cases...not really..but people are stocking up.  We all remember in 2007 when the whole area ran out of mosquito spray, and we are afraid it will happen again this year.  That year the campground members  took up a collection to spray here twice...what's wrong with that picture...oh yeah the Park owner should be doing it.
We have a busy month coming up so forgive me if the blog doesn't get done everyday..we (Dusty & I ) kick off the weekly Happy Hour Potluck's on June 8th.  We have allot of new campers here so hope to make new friends this year at the potlucks.  Dylan our grandson will arrive on June 19th, his birthday is June 22 so there will be a birthday party with all the park kids here, then June 26th we will be having a Happy Hour Breakfast Potluck here on our lot for the regular campers who can't make it on Wednesdays for Happy Hour.  We had one last summer and it was a big hit.  Cathy and Norm Sweet plan on making their famous pancakes (well they will be famous after June 26th).  Oh and I forgot this Saturday four of our men will be competing in the Butler, IN Bar-b-Que cook-off.  Some of us plan on going to support them ( and we already know how good their cooking is so maybe we will get some??)
Dusty, Char, Sarah and Lori
I had a great Birthday dinner with Sarah and Lori last week.  We went to a local restaurant in Garrett and it was nice and quiet on a Tuesday night so we could talk and we had a lot of catching up to do.  I was kind of bummed last Tuesday because it dawned on me that it is one thing to be 60 another thing completely to be over 60!!!

Our favorite neighbor.."Mini Hedy Ho Neighbor Wilson" aka Caden with his grandpa ..Dave "Wilson"

Dusty, Jenni (playing games on her phone) and Laura Wilson

We must be real boring if Tommy can sleep through us!!  Greg with his handy dandy six pack holder

Becky Wilson, Derrick and Angel

See Brian is always smiling.. Dusty too.

Caden Wilson and Grandpa Dave

Dusty taking firework reflection in our "lake" from our deck

Firework reflection

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