Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Never enough TIME & Dylan comes "Home"

No...not all 3 beers are for me.....just two!!  Just a normal night of fire and friends.
American Legion Gang from campground

Wendy trying to hide from camera

You know people always ask me if I get bored or tired of our lifestyle....are you kidding???  I only wish we had time to get bored!!  Take last week for example...Monday we went to the American Legion with our friends...Tuesday Dusty and I went to Shipshawana which is a HUGE HUGE flea market. We stopped for dinner at Martin's Bar on the way home to have Angel cook for us before she started her new job this week. On Wednesday Margaret McNutt and I went back to Shipshawana..it was her first time and unfortunately it rained, it had been beautiful weather for it on Tuesday, but terrible rain and wind on Wednesday. We still had fun and stopped for lunch at a little bar in LaGrange, IN.  Then we went to Jenni and Brian Lawhead's for Happy Hour...poor Jen it always seems to rain during any event she has.  Thursday Dusty and I went to do our laundry, which we only do every two weeks, so it takes a few hours, did some shopping and ate dinner out (way too much eating out & drinking is why the weight gain you notice in pictures and me too   :(   ).  Friday we attended a Benefit for our friend's brother at their local bar in Leo, IN.  Now that was a night....I think it was a night...one of those few nights that you just let loose....poor Dusty he was mine and Jen's driver so we got to have all the fun!!!  Way too much fun!!! But the benefit turned out well for the family and the bar, they sold all their beer and food!!
Saturday was a usual day here at the campground....friends and fire...lots of friends til late at night.  Then on Sunday we went to get Dylan.  Devin went with us as she and Dylan have been friends for years now and she is the "Official" Welcome and Good-Bye Team!!!  We had a few stops to make and then had dinner, since it was Father's Day and it was a good thing we ate before we got Dylan as his plane was two and half hours late!!!  He was one tired boy when he got here and we didn't get home til early morning as we had went to Indianapolis to get him.  I couldn't sleep so stayed up til 3:30 am that night and hadn't slept the night before because of some homemade Kahlua Stephanie made (coffee keeps me awake...but was wonderful Kahlua).  So Monday we were all a little slow...OK allot of slow getting around.  In fact we just ordered Pizza for dinner and Dylan and Brian Philip were eating theirs in the sun room and Dusty and I were in the bedroom eating ours watching TV when Jen and Brian came into the bedroom....and that is what we do all the time!!!!  (Oh Yeah...they just came in to see what we were doing....   :)
Dylan is happy to get off that plane!!!! No fun sitting on a plane on the tarmac in Dallas

Devin stands in for our kids on Father's Day

My sister and I with our dad!!!

My "favorite" dad!!  Love you honey!
Dylan surprises grandpa & Devin.  He is happy to see Grandpa but.....

He is HAPPIER to see Devin!!!

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