Monday, June 13, 2011

Shame on me :(

Well I did something wrong.....I know you can't believe it...LOL, but here last evening we had a very nice dinner with Larry (our son) Traci (daughter-in-law) Eric (grandson) and his friend Justin and I FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURES FOR THE BLOG!!!!  So shame on me and I am so sorry Kids.  Yesterday was a beautiful day the weather was just perfect for those that had to work in the yard and there was alot of that going on here at the park.  Poor Dusty spent it re-wiring the yard for the 3rd time this week to be able to have electricity in the yard for lights.  I sure hope he has it figured out now, it takes a lot out of him.  Last Friday we went to the Garrett American Legion for their wonderful broasted chicken.  Bill and Wendy, Connie and Joe, Linda and Jim, Jerry and Lois and Dusty and I were all there from the campground.  It was a nice evening and Lois and Linda and I had a nice time just talking.  Sometimes here at the campground it is hard to just have one on one time.
Dusty and I are so lucky to have so many friends here and have wonderful times just sitting around the fire and talking.  We are now gearing up for our big Potluck Breakfast Happy Hour for those that can't make it during the week on Wednesdays.  It will be June 26th and will start around 10:30 am.  If you are from the park please let me know what side dish you plan on bringing so we can keep track of what we need.  We had close to 100 people here last year and everyone loved it!!
Our grandson Dylan will be here next Sunday.  We will be having his birthday party on June 24th at 7 p.m. for the kids here at the park.  Again all of your kids are invited just let me know if you will be able to come.

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