Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Savannah, GA

What a beautiful day it was.  The sun was shining, no clouds in the sky, warm, just a perfect day.  We started out by going to Bonaventure Cemetery where Conrad Aiken and family are buried.  If you read the book, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" you will understand the importance of this and some of the others places we visited today.  We sat on his tombstone (it is a bench) and had a drink of wine, in Savannah having drinks are very important!!  I know in the book they have martini's but just wasn't going to take all of that with us and besides there was a tour group coming and I didn't want to look too stupid.  I will say that this is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen and I do like old cemeteries.  The big oak trees with flowing Spanish moss, azalea's in bloom and the dogwood trees with the Spanish moss flowing from under the blooms, just beautiful.
From there we drove to find Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House where we will eat tomorrow, wanted to know where it was at and enjoyed the drive through the old district and seeing the beautiful squares, I must say that General James Oglethorpe's dream of a gracious city by making the squares of trees and flowers every few streets have come true.  It is too bad other cities couldn't have copied it.  It is like having your own beautiful parks everywhere you look and with the flowers in bloom now we couldn't have picked a more lovely time of the year to come!!
After that we went and got a very important object here in Savannah....a two day parking pass.  If you come be sure to go to the visitor center and get one you will be glad you did, or carry lots of quarters with you!!!  Free parking is not to be had and they honor no kind of handicap plaques.
We then went to Mercer House (again from the book) where Jim Williams lived and shot Danny Hansford.  You can now tour the downstairs and garden and the house is owned by his nieces.  They stay in the house when they visit Savannah.  Just to be there was a thrill.  Then we walked around the neighborhood and enjoyed the day and beautiful squares.
Then on to City Market and River Street.  By 4:00 pm we were hot so we hit the only micro-brewery in Savannah and had a good cold Porter beer.  Dusty was hungry ,  I only feed him 1 meal a day when travelling and we went to Molly Mac Phearson's British Pub for fish and chips.  We have yet to find fish and chips as good as the Irish Embassy in Duranago, CO. if you are ever in that town you must stop by, great happy hour too.  We then walked off dinner strolling along the Savannah River until I could no longer go on, we have been on the go now for two weeks and have only begun this adventure so we headed back to our little home and collapsed!!!

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