Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beautiful St. Augustine

Dusty, Char, Connie McCart and Joe McCart
 Oh, how beautiful St. Augustine is.  We didn't get allot of pictures that do it justice.  the streets are so quaint and we were on the oldest street and the narrowest street in the USA.  There is so much history here with it being the oldest city in the USA, why even the Fountain of Youth is here, maybe I should take Dusty there today as it is his 52nd birthday !!!  Joe and Connie McCart are our friends from Indian Springs and we had a great time this weekend.  We went into the shops, had glasses of wine on the sidewalk and went on a Ghost Tour with a paranormal investigator.!!  Yep just like you see on T.V.
We got to use some of the equipment and I must say we had a few unusual things happen.  Being a firm believer in these things I talked up a storm with him and he said to get in contact with him about going on an overnight investigation the end of April....I will definitely be seeing if we can be in the area he is then.
We went to the flea market here adjacent to the RV Park on Saturday and boy was it a big one.  It was fun just roaming around and then we came back and made A quick trip to Camping World and Gander Mountain and then home for dinner and a glass of wine and friendly conversation til we all were tired.  They have just left and Dusty and I are now going to go on the bike for a ride as it has been beautiful here 85 degrees.....again sorry to all of you in the mid-west and east.
Here are a few more pictures, be sure to read the captions.
Dusty and Char with John the Paranormal Investigator
Yep the Ghost Meter is regeresting"Something"

look on the right side of the roof , a ghost???

Look right over Connie's head, notice the perfect cross?  She said maybe it meant she was blessed, next day got good news on her grandson who is only 3 lbs and just had heart surgery, he was off the ventilator.....

Char and John, I had so many questions

Perfect Hat for Joe!

Boy that was good wine

Enjoying "another" glass of wine

Oldest school in the USA

Char and Connie on the narrowest street comparing the ghost meters that were going off

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