Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pictures from Savannah

Well this is definitely a work in progress and takes time to figure out.  While we are travelling down the road I am trying to go back and add pictures to the posts now that I figured it out, but man what work!!!  So I am just going to throw in the pictures here, though there are some added to the previous posts if you want to check those out.  Still don't have how to leave the comment figured out so bear with us...we are playing too much to spend allot of time on this, but I said I would give it try!!!
(If you click on picture you can enlarge them)
Bonaventure Cemetery

Dusty at Bonventure Cemetery

Char has a toast to Conrad Aiken

Savannah Neigborhood

Forsyth Park in middle of neighborhood

River ST. Savannah

Eating at Mrs Wilkes

Mercer House (Jim Williams shot Danny Hansford here)

Char hiding in the flowers

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