Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Day in Savannah

See all the food!  We couldn't take home leftovers...darn!!
See Dusty wait for food!
 Thank you to all of you who sent us e mails about this blog!!  We have now learnt that we had the setting blocked for some of you to leave a comment, hope we got it straighten out and you should be able to leave a nice now  :)  Soon we hope to get a chance to add pictures as my words just aren't doing Savannah justice, and you MUST come when flowers are in bloom and READ the book.  So yesterday (the 23rd....Happy Birthday Sis) we started by going to Mrs. Wilkes for lunch.  If you know anything about Savannah you know people either go to Paula Deen's or Mrs. Wilkes (or both) but Mrs. Wikes gets more positive reviews.  The lady ran a boarding house and then a eight table resturant serving meals family style with you sitting at a table of 10.  Now everthing you read and everyone says to go early because now that she has passed away her family (and they are there working) only do lunch from 11 am til 2 pm.  Well who is hungry for a 20 course meal at 10 am in the morning???  We got there a little later then we planned thanks to the good GPS and arrived at 10:55 am.  At 12:35 pm we finally went in to eat!!(WE were hungry by then being able to smell the wonderful chicken linger in the air)!  Now thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day and I being of the shy type knew the people around us well by then.  You go in and the food is waiting for you, like I said over 23 different types of dishes (Dusty just counted the dishes in the picture).  There was wonderful chicken, meatloaf, beef stew, potatoes, gravy, squash, biscuits, sweet potatoes and the list goes on and the most wonderful tea I have ever had.  So it is a "thing to do" while in Savannah.  Now that took up most of the early day but from there we ventured out to Tybee Island and found it much more laid back then Hilton Head and the beach had allot of accesiability.  But bring money for the parking.  I finally got to walk on the beach again, I am so a beach person, and then we went to the Famous Tybee lighthouse ( I had never heard of it but they say it's famous).  Now it is one of those lighthouses you can actually go in and climb to the top......178 spiral steps on a 88 degree day...I think not!!  But you can if you go and take a picture for us.  But it was interesting to see.  Then it was back to River St. and to our favorite pub ( we only went to one) where they were tapping one special keg they had made.  They try differnt hops mixtures and then occassionaly they tap it while it is still 'alive' and not carbonated.  It was very good and if you know micro-beer I will describe it as a IPA with a Blue Moon beer thrown in and lots of oranges, so would be a good summer time beer.....we have been to too many micro-pubs!!!!  Cliff and Colette we sure missed you there and you would have liked the Porter, though IF we had SKA Ten Pin we could try your mix...hint hint!!!  We then walked around the riverfront again, Dusty bought some prailines to take with us and we headed home.  If you are bringing a RV to Savannah, the Skidaway State Park is beautifl and it is very easy to get to Historic Savannah from.  There is a campground on Typee Island which is very popular also.  So that concludes our time in Savannah.  My final description of 3 cities is this if you are looking for history and a variety of Plantations and a Party atmosphere go to New Orleans  (our favorite) if you are looking for a way to see where history was made go to and a variety of architecture througtout 300 years go to Charleston but if your looking for the laid back and  graciousness of the old south come to Savannah!!

So we say Good-Bye to Savannah
 Please if you have been to any of these 3 cities we would love to hear what you have to say.  So today we head to St. Augustine and meet up with Joe and Connie McCart from Indian Springs Campground and I have some surprise things to tell you so be sure to check back in soon.

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