Friday, March 25, 2011

Florida or Bust!!

Well we finally made it to St. Augustine FL.  For three years we have tried to take a long trip to FL to see for ourselves what it is all about (sun & beach.....).  I spent the trip trying to figure this blog out and added some pictures.  I still don't know how to get the pictures where I want them (but when Dusty hit a bump they move places go figure) or how to make it so you can add a comment or put yourself down as a follower, guess I will have to contact our 1 follower to see how she did it....thanks Margaret...If we get 2-3,000 followers we can add ads and make $$$$.....yeah right, who besides you would want to see what we are doing???  I can dream.  We arrived here at the RV park around 4:30 pm and Joe and Connie McCart were already here and waiting with a cold that is true friendship!!  We went out for a nice dinner and talked non-stop ( OK I talked non-stop).  But I do need to fill you in on a couple of funny ? things.  When we were at the micro-brewery , MOON RIVER in Savannah, Dusty noticed cops everywhere and guarding in and out paths.  So we began to gawk like everyone else and couldn't figure out what was going on as there had been no commotion, anyway they ended up cuffing a waitress and escorting her out.  The bartender said it was the 3rd person arrested that worked there...hmm.  Then yesterday on the way here traffic came to a stop and we could see police cars and lights everywhere, when we finally got up there they were out with the K9 dogs and searching the area, there was only one car there and it wasn't wrecked, Dusty figured a chase and runner.  Then when we came back from dinner last night there were police cars, sheriff and firetruck and aid truck at the end of our row here at the park!!!  This is beginning to be a little scary.....hope it doesn't mean anything bad is on the way!!  Well that was the excitement for our day off to new adventures today.

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