Friday, July 29, 2011

Pine Lake Waterpark

It's been a while but Dusty can still dive!!

Aaron has a blast jumping off the platforms

Dusty starting one of his dives

Jacob and not sure if Stevie or Aaron on teeter toter...great fun
View of platforms, back of Dylan's head

Racing slide..even I had a blast

Taking time out to talk to our daughter Tina

Here goes Dylan!
Well today we are getting some welcome rain....but means it will be really muggy later today as it is suppose to get up into the 90's.  With the weather so warm the park is really quiet.  But last week we went to Berne, IN to the Pine Lake Water park and had a blast!!!  We went with Derek, Angel and their 3 boys and Scott.  The boys had a blast racing us adults down the racing slide and having the men jump off the 20 and 30 foot platforms.  Dusty hasn't dove in a long time...he was a State Diver when he was in high school...and did perfect dives off the 20 ft.  But the men went on up to the 30ft, Dusty didn't want the boys to think he was chicken and he hesitated on diving or jumping....let's just say he should have dove...the way he hit the water was painful and he has payed for it all week.  In fact he and Derek were pretty sore on Monday, Scott said he wasn't too sore and Dylan and Jacob were walking a little carefully on Monday...but the boys spent also most 8 hours in the lake and didn't stop.  They were disappointed when we had to pull them out of the water and go home.  Of course Dylan was up for Pizza ..surprise..surprise and we stopped at Pizza Hut on the way home.  It was a great day and the boys can't wait to go back, but it will have to wait til next year for us as we are down to two weeks before we pull out.
My cold has lingered on and when Dusty went for a check up yesterday the doctor gave me some antibiotics and my throat isn't as sore today as it has been.  Dusty's check up went well and that is good, he will have his big annual at Stanford when we get to CA.
So Monday and Thursday evening was spent at the Legion, Wednesday we had a great Happy Hour at Jeff and Tammy Clark's and here it is Friday already!!
Happy Birthday to our daughter-in-law Traci!!

Derek makes his jump...nope Angel and I didn't do it!

Boys at top of racing slide

One of the boys on the buoy

Dusty, Scott and Angel headed to the platforms

Scott, Derek, Dusty and myself (I think in the water)
Pine Lake Water park

The boys on teeter totter, they had so much fun

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