Friday, July 22, 2011


Poor Rob cooked for us on the day Ft. Wayne was the 2nd hottest place in the USA...THANK YOU ROB!

and Steph made homemade fries and worked just as hard as Rob..THANK YOU STEPH!!

We still had Happy Hour, small crowd but still fun!!
Just a short blog to say that in the five years we have been coming here to Ft. Wayne area it has been the hottest this week.  In fact on Wednesday it was the 2nd hottest place in the USA with the heat index 119 degree's.  The park has been dead...everyone staying inside with the air conditioner and I have had a terrible summer cold....spent 3 days in bed and so Dusty just came in a we got caught up on watching some movies.  But even with the hottest day of the year we had Happy Hour on Wednesday at Rob and Steph's they out did themselves.  Rob cooked 30lbs of chicken wings over a open fire, they made homemade fries and pasta salad.  We had a smaller crowd then usual but those of us that came had a wonderful meal and hats of to Rob and Steph for cooking on such a hot day.
I felt better yesterday and we went to see Harry Potter 2 and we thought with it being 100 degrees out that the theater would be crowded....we had the whole place to ourselves other then one man coming in just as the movie was getting I thought that was an omen that it would be as boring as the 1st half but I must say we really enjoyed it.  We saw it in  3D and Dylan really enjoyed it and it was a great way to stay cool for the afternoon.
 Hope wherever you are that you are staying COOL!!!
Little Wilson "Caden" learns to ring the dinner bell...Happy 1st Birthday early Caden!! precious...Caden is hot, full and sleepy after Happy Hour..his 1st of many I'm sure!!

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