Sunday, June 5, 2011

And the WINNERS are...........

CALVIN STEVENS takes 1st Place!!!  Congrats Calvin!!
Ribs cooking on Cal's cooker
Gary Serres 2nd Place Winner.  Way to go Gary!

Some of the competion

Calvin is the reining "King of the Pit" at Indian Springs

The men and their helpers

Char, Elana and Patsy..official Cheer Leaders

Dusty and his Booze Basket...whatever will we do with THAT????
CALVIN STEVENS, JIM SCANLON 1st PLACE AND GARY SERRES , GEORGE SERRES JR. 2nd PLACE!!!!!!Yes our own local men won their first official Rib Cook-Off at the Butler American Legion on Saturday.  Of course a big hand has to go to their wives who do allot of the behind the scene work so YEAH for SANDY STEVENS, ELANA SERRES, and LINDA GRADLESS.  And of course they had extra help with Jarred and Bud (sorry guys aren't sure of last names) and then their was their cheering section...Patsy (Bud's wife and Elana's sister) Jarred's wife Nikki and girls (Cal's daughter-in-law and grand-daughters,), Rory and Pam, Brian Lawhead, Dusty and I and more of the Stevens family(and if I forgot anyone I am sorry).  The guys put a lot of sweat (of course it was one of the hottest days of the the 90's and with those huge cookers...HOT HOT) and work in their cooking.  They put together their sauces and have a blast teasing each other.  Last year at our 1st Cook-Off here at Indian Springs they took the same places, Cal 1st and Gary 2nd and Matt 3rd.  Of course we didn't present them with a check like they got yesterday...1st $500 and 2nd $300, but Angie Akey did make Calvin a large winners sign that will be pasted around year to year with what will now become an annual cook-off here at the park.  But I was totally shocked that for all the years of cooking that these two guys do that they had never entered a official cook-off before....I have a feeling this maybe what starts them on that journey, but Cal said it was a great deal of work and yet he said they had a blast doing it.  We couldn't be prouder of our local men and of course we ALWAYS knew they were award winning cooks!!!
One of the benefits yesterday of being cheer leaders were we got to eat the results..Yum Yum.  The Legion had drawing and auctions during the cook-off.  Dusty won the big booze basket.....just the thing we need here!!!  And I won a 2 hour massage for $40....something I will truly enjoy.
George Jr Serres,. Gary Serres 2nd Places, Jim Scanlon, Cal Stevens 1st Place and 3rd Place winner (?)

We are so PROUD of you guys

Pit Masters (George & Gary) Bar-B-Que Masters(Jim & Cal)

Cheering section enjoying the winning ribs!!

Yes, these are winners!

The Judges find them "finger licking good"!!

The men were outside cleaning up when the winners were announced so Sandy Stevens gladly accepts the 1st Place trophy and CHECK for the Bar-B-Que Masters

Patsy says "I won, I won" after accepting the 2nd Place trophy and check for the Pit Masters while Elana went looking for the guys...well someone had to do it!!

The guys finally came in to accept their prizes

Yeah Winners
This is a retraction photo....Margaret( in maroon  sweatshirt) is not drinking but  is taking care of my phone and answering it if it rings....also taking care of MY beer!!  Thank you Margaret!!!

It takes a great deal of support and work to be winners and these guys got it done!!
Calvin Stevens with trophy in front of Dusty, these men were always winners to us.  We couldn't have all of our wonderful cooks here at the park without Cal, Gary, Jim, Jared, Dusty Stevens and when Matt is home his help too.  We miss you Matt and Nikki.

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